26 July 2012

The Sun Magazine

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"I was twenty-seven and riding my bicycle coast to coast across the United States. Along the way I was trying to live simply and 'make the journey the destination.'

I'd taken a three-day break at a hostel in Missoula, Montana, when I met Dan, who pulled in on a beautiful light green Bianchi, not a scratch on it. He was riding cross-country as well. Our personalities clicked, and we decide to ride together, despite the fact that we had different approaches to travel: I'd brought a cheap tent, a couple of pairs of riding shorts, a change of clothes, and little else. Dan had bright spandex outfits, shades with interchangeable lenses for varying degrees of sunlight, and a specially engineered rack to tow all of his belongs, He also had a cellular phone - an expensive rarity in 1997. For fun we used it to order pizza from a campground.

After a few weeks of riding, we pulled into Iowa City. Dan said he need to check his 'electronic mail.' I followed him into the University of Iowa computer lab, and he explained how he'd set up a mail account on the Internet and could now send and receive messages from any online computer, I could do it. For free. 

I was skeptical.

'Don't live in the Dark Ages!' Dan joked.

I followed his instructions to get my own account, then prepared to send a test message to his address. Dan showed me where to type the subject and the body of the message, then leaned over my shoulder. 'OK, now watch this,' he said, fingers poised to click SEND. 'This is going to change your life.'"

T. S...n
from "Readers Write", The Sun

ps. a friend gave me a subscription to this magazine, and I read it cover to cover. Love it.

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