23 November 2011


for visiting my blog.

i'm going to take a long week-end, and i hope you have the opportunity to do so, as well...

happy thanksgiving.

22 November 2011


48 years it's been since JFK was assassinated.
before man landed on the moon.
before women flew space shuttles.
before .com and .org
zipcodes were new.
everyone smoked.
no seat belt laws.
no Google.
no Macs.
no iPhones.
no texting.
no digital.
no blogs.

safe travels...

"The dark roads take me back to my childhood
riding in the camper of daddy's truck headed home.
My brother, sister and I would be put to sleep in the camper
and sometime in the darkness of the day
daddy would clime into the cab with mom carrying a thermos
full of coffee and some Pendleton blankets
And they would pray
before daddy started the truck
for journey mercies."

Night Travel by Esther Belin

16 November 2011

county fair

as days shorten, and winter presses, we muster light to battle darkness...

rediscovered in the archives.

11 November 2011


Number 40...

Forrest Bess
American, 1911 - 1977

he was a veteran, "given the task of designing camouflage"...

08 November 2011


"...The '34 Ford without wheels,
Smothered in kudzu,
With a seat pulled out to run
Corn whiskey down from the hills,

And then from the other side
Crept into an Essex
With a rumble seat of red leather
And then out again, aboard
A blue Chevrolet, releasing
The rust from its other color,

Reared up on three building blocks."

Cherrylog Road by James L. Dickey

03 November 2011

schoolbus, retired...

memories of wet pants and fights, bullies and blood, colds and vomit, lost kids and found pets, stale sweat and blue fingers, love and hate and fear and death...and finally, graduation.

"Before you can blame an individual for their choices, you have to make sure they have the same choices as everyone else."

Bix , the fanatic cook.