24 October 2011

Phantom Recorder 2010 - Revital Cohen (Israeli, b. 1981)

"Phantom Recorder explores the phenomenon of the phantom limb: an amputee's sensation that a missing arm or leg is still attached to the body and transmitting feelings to the brain. This physical hallucination is often treated as hindrance and corrected through therapy, but Cohen feels that attempts to alleviate it 'tends to overlook poetic functions of our body.' ... Cohen asks, 'Could we use this technology to record illusions of the mind? What if our imagination could be captured through our nerves?' "

22 October 2011

MoMA visitors from the UK

"...no matter
how many stars you counted there were
always more stars beyond them and beyond the stars black space going on forever in all directions, so that even if you flew up
millions and millions of years
you'd be no closer to the end
of it than they were now
here on the porch on Tuesday night
in the middle of summer."

the astronomy lesson by alan shapiro


"In cities we dream about our desires; in the mother of cities we dream about our dreams."

Metropolitan by John Fuller

19 October 2011

17 October 2011

NY Comic Con, 2011

sometimes it took looking up, to keep me grounded...

batman: arkham city NY comic con, october 2011

thanks, paolo and april.

10 October 2011

polish poster week

description of a struggle (kafka), at polish poster...


“The very hairs of your head
are numbered,” said the words
in my head, as the haircutter
snipped and cut, my round head
a newel poked out of the tent
top’s slippery sheet, while my
hairs’ straight rays rained
down, making pattern on the neat
vacant cosmos of my lap. And
maybe it was those tiny flies,
phantoms of my aging eyes, seen
out of the sides floating (that,
when you turn to find them
full face, always dissolve)"...October, by May Swenson

09 October 2011

polish poster week

we're having hurricane like weather, so poster week, it is...

upstairs, downstairs, polish movie poster

08 October 2011

I've been reading...

" 'Did your father drink?'

'Ha! Lucy snorted. 'He was a worse drinker than your father ever was.'

'No one's that bad,' I said.

'That's what I thought too. You're too close to the middle line. Inch over. That's right. You think you know what to look out for in life, Jack. You think your childhood teaches you all the traps you need to worry about. But that's not how it works. Pain doesn't travel in straight lines. It circles back around and comes up behind you. It's the circles that kill you.' "

Beach Music, by Pat Conroy

06 October 2011

I've been reading...

"Leah unfastened an evening purse that had belonged to Shyla and took out a tube of lipstick. She pursed her lips and expertly applied the lipstick to her curving pretty bottom lip...this gesture of Leah's, this application of lipstick in all its simplicity and innocence, I realized, was one of the first of those un-recallable milestones passed by every child in her inexorable passage out of her parents' lives. Her body was a timepiece and Leah, not I, was its contented owner.

Lucy walked straight into this rite of passage and said loudly, 'Oh no you don't, young lady.'

She marched over to the mirror and took the lipstick out of Leah's hand...

Leah looked up at me in astonishment and I realized that she had never been treated like this in her life. I had never been anything but quietly insistent when we discussed some issue of importance between us. Leah knew very little about the natural humiliation of being a child and how grown people regularly trample on the feelings of the little people so helpless under their care....

'I'm going into the living room, Mama,' I said and I heard the coldness in my voice. "And I'm going to tell Leah that she looks lovely and what she's wearing is fine. You just gave me a small glimpse of why I hate America and why I always felt ugly as a child.' "

Beach Music, by Pat Conroy

04 October 2011

on my first grade report card cover, my teacher created a tree, and leaves representing the books we'd read were attached to the branches. we created something similar on the museum wall today, for a new reading program...

not painted, and here's a link to several sources: vinyl tree silhouettes.

"Before you can blame an individual for their choices, you have to make sure they have the same choices as everyone else."

Bix , the fanatic cook.