30 December 2011

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CBR Contributor Brett White

1. Daredevil
Written by Mark Waid
Drawn by Paolo Rivera & Marcos Martin
Published by Marvel Comics

"For decades, Daredevil was a character who only 'worked' when he was being built up and torn down. Enter Mark Waid, Marcos Martin and Paolo Rivera, and for the first time in decades -- yes, decades -- Matt Murdock's life is not only not that bad, but interesting and fun to read about, to boot."

-- CBR Senior Editor Stephen Gerding

"After reading the issue I felt as hopeful and engaged as I did in the early 1980s when absorbing Walt Simonson's 'Thor' #337 (the first issue in his epic run). The most refreshingly joyful approach to the character in decades, and I have enjoyed each subsequent issue as much as the first."

-- Robot 6 Writer Tim O'Shea

"So, so happy to be reading a true superhero comic that truly is friendly to new readers. Waid writes Murdock with a joie de vivre that has long been missing from our current breed of introspective, narcissistic super heroes. Swashbuckling and brave, this is a Daredevil getting on with the job of being super, leaving his worries at the door and enjoying his powers."

-- Comics Should Be Good Writer Sonia Harris

"Mark Waid is setting out to give Daredevil reason to smile and the readers can't help but join in. After years of being one of the darkest titles published by Marvel, 'Daredevil,' with art by Marcos Martin and Paolo Rivera has been a delight, worthy of being shared."

-- CBR Reviewer Doug Zawisza

"What do you do with a character that's been pushed to such a dark place that no one thought he could recover? Go fun, bright, pop art. Team one of comics' best superhero writers with two stunning artists that craft pages unlike what you've seen before."

-- CBR Reviewer Chad Nevett


marymurtz.com said...

I'm so impressed!

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Sophie Munns said...

Glowing reports Virgina...
Bravo to Paolo and co.
I like the fact that something that had become too dark is now fun, clever and incredibly well done!
Happy New year!

virginia said...

happy new year to you, as well!

i will pass along your praise...

Anrosh said...

Wow !

virginia said...

thanks. he's happy, and working hard on the next issue.

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