25 June 2010

Grammaire Enfantine

after wondering about the history of this book for nearly 50 years, i "googled" it today - amazing.

20 June 2010

myopia - the inability to see distant objects, or future consequences...

happy father's day.

thinking about daughters and sons who've recently lost fathers.

17 June 2010

"I like to make a statement with lines and curves...I want to stand in one spot and have everything come together. So I look at a plane and work to always have a straight line against a curve to give me a different dimension."

"I must have a thousand shapes here, and I keep them all in my head, because I can't start working on one plant without thinking about how it relates to the next one."

photo by Dominique Vorillon
article by Erica Glasener

Garden Design - August/September 1996

15 June 2010

marga is a friend from spain, and she's a recent aeronautical engineering graduate.

this is a photo she took in NYC, in 2007. she was leafing through my photos, and gave me one of hers - i think it captures city life, perfectly.

i hope she carries her camera, as she travels the world.

14 June 2010

syncopation and improvisation, the rhythm of the sea...

12 June 2010

jane - all i have to do is look at her, and i "crack up" (even though this is a beautiful photo of her). together, we've exchanged inappropriate comments at funerals and other solemn occasions, and laughed and cried 'til our sinuses caved in...

happy 50th.

i hope you're a long way from the finish line.

10 June 2010

GI Jeff, fashionably battling mosquitoes, and paint balls...

01 June 2010


six decades on earth, with one candle representing 31,536,000 minutes of living...

"Before you can blame an individual for their choices, you have to make sure they have the same choices as everyone else."

Bix , the fanatic cook.