28 May 2010

O. M. I. T.

"[One Moment in Time] is a story that really requires a lot of acting from the characters on the page; there's a lot of stuff that happens to our characters. They are run through the mill. But it's not just the people on the page, but also the atmosphere, the backgrounds that play into the conversations. I tend to use a lot of props as metaphors for what may be happening in a particular conversation. Paolo gets it; he's just a studious storyteller and that's why I think he's the perfect guy for this story."

Joe Quesada, Editor - in - Chief, Marvel Comics

One Moment in Time - "All will be revealed with a whisper."

(Paolo Rivera is my son, and he's been working round-the-clock to finish these illustrations. I'm pleased to be able to feature these pieces from Marvel.)


Guglie said...

you're a proud mom, isn't it? ;-)

virginia said...

yes, i am - and joe quesada (whom i met in 2002) had such wonderful things to say about him!

Anrosh said...


kaye said...

impressive . . . I'm going to show these to the grandson :)

Monda said...

My God. What a fortunate woman you are to have such a son. Sons don't make themselves entirely, though - clearly you gave him the ingredients for a creative life.


virginia said...

thanks, everyone!

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