30 May 2010

"The 82nd Airborne Division, whose destiny laid them to rest in the fields of Sicily, Italy, France, Holland, Belgium and Germany."

82nd Airborne Division Association


Leonora said...

My father was transferred to the 82nd airborne div. (After his 551st div. was nearly obliterated.) He saved dozens of old photos and pieces of his experience during war which are fascinating to see. Thanks for posting this photo.

virginia said...

My uncle was in the 82nd airborne, and other divisions, as well. His wife discouraged him from telling "war stories", but something I did glean from one very short conversation, was that he served with another Cresson, PA native, who was killed in front of my uncle.

After going through the "killed in action" photo pages, I believe it was Leonard McConnell, who is pictured in the scanned image above this one.

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