06 April 2010

I've been honored with a blogger award, and the instructions include paying it forward. I was also asked to reveal something about myself.

I've decided to post links to blogs or sites I've not mentioned or featured in the past, and I would like to thank the wonderful translator and tamale maker, Clementina, for nominating me.

When I was in high school, we sold hot tamales instead of donuts, and this guy, Steve Terrell, wrote about them in our school newspaper. He's now the go-to guy for New Mexican political news, but his real love is music.

I am near-sighted (extreme myopia), and until I discovered this online blog, I stumbled around my house with spectacles from the '70's. They were unattractive, as heavy as Coke bottle bottoms, and nearly useless. Through Ira, I discovered several online shops that offered well made, inexpensive glasses, and now I have a pair to grab in case of tornado touchdowns or power outages.

Yes, I am a textile junkie, and even though I tried to limit my addiction expenditures to $100 per year, it added up - not so much in money spent, but in time lost to lustful thoughts and daydreams. Years ago, I donated my stash to a university textile department, and turned my back on the temptation of silk. These days, weekly visits to Fibercopia (so many discoveries), Vintage Textiles (page after page of museum quality garments), and Takashi Iwasaki (imaginative, abstract embroideries) inspire me, and help me avoid the craving and gorging of my past.

I've also discovered the world of fiber art, or art quilts, and Mirjam Pet-Jacob is one of my favorites. Check out her links and galleries.

Bibi Grey Cat, and Bibliodyssey - hours and years of hours spent scanning and posting images for the anonymous reader. The first, a French blog, featured the printed awards handed out for well-done schoolwork (I still have a few from my two years in French schools). Bibliodyssey, with links to several museum collections, was finally convinced to compile his images into book form.


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