31 December 2009

three hundred sixty-five days completed, and tomorrow we erase the chalkboard.

somehow, i think i'll still be able to trace the tracks of the year.

30 December 2009

26 December 2009

sometimes a parking lot is just a parking lot, and sometimes it's inspiration...

25 December 2009

walking on sand, but imagining snow...

for those who celebrate christmas, enjoy.

21 December 2009

as the year winds down, i will re-visit some of my favorite images. this is one of them, taken just before the summer solstice, june 2009.

today we observe the winter solstice, which will take place at 17:47 universal time.

20 December 2009


Explore and enjoy the rich visuals of Australia's indigenous people. Click for a personal glimpse at the world down under.

I often head here when blank paper is beckoning.

Who knew? This is where I head when I'm suffering from insomnia.

And for designers, too. Take the frustration out of font pairing.
Comprehensive and well organized, with links for additional research.

Designing a dress is difficult without a body double. This is an inexpensive option, requiring patience, a partner and a few rolls of duct tape.

Click on "my mom made my wedding dress" to see how involved gown-making can be. She, however, used a willing daughter as the mannequin.

This is the ultimate color chart.

19 December 2009


She is a fanatic cook (per her husband), but her posts reveal a scientist's curiosity for all things human. She focuses on the complex system our body uses to process food, and welcomes questions.

Bix's words are as well-considered as her recipes. Waste not, bore not.

An interesting collaboration this is, featuring Julie, Janet, Francesca, and Sarah. "We've survived a dozen remodels among us."

Their well-edited offerings have opened my eyes to what is inviting in a home: light, space, comfort, functionality, and family. If you can afford quality, buy it. If not, they offer reasonably priced substitutes.

It's a huge leap of faith to trust your eyesight to a virtual store, but I did, and saved mega-bucks on my "coke bottle" spectacles. Ira is on a quest to provide the consumer with a wardrobe of glasses, and accepts no freebies for his glowing reviews. This is a labor of love, for the empowerment of all "four-eyes".

Poem Hunter
Sometimes I can't find the right words, so I borrow some. Among my favorites: Hughes, Silverstein and Rilke.

So you want to publish a book? This is the place to start (that is, unless Random House has accepted your proposal). I've noticed that the offerings have become more sophisticated,and minimums are reasonable. You can publish a cook book, a reunion story, a children's book or a portfolio. Offer them to the public, your bridesmaids, your clients, and Mom.

I love everything textile, and this site covers the history of clothing and textiles. Browse samplers, antique lace, hand embroidery and fashion, and discover how time consuming "women's work" and "nun's penance" once was...

Think Bakery
Business basics, and complicated concepts made simple. Links to free accounting software, and links to e-courses. Marketing and online commerce explained, as well as a term that meant something entirely different twenty-five years ago: social networking. No shoulder pads necessary.

16 December 2009

and grab some pizza, when your feet touch earth.
reach for the stars, and bring one back...
as days shorten, and winter presses, we muster light to battle darkness...

15 December 2009

12 December 2009

07 December 2009

and, at the end of the tunnel, you will find light...

today is pearl harbor day, another generation's 9/11.
behind the closed door, you will find memories...
decaying palm fronds resemble lace...

05 December 2009

"Before you can blame an individual for their choices, you have to make sure they have the same choices as everyone else."

Bix , the fanatic cook.