29 November 2009

the week ends, with walls of gold...
handicapped parking at the beach.

this thanksgiving week-end, i am thankful for the use of both legs. hope they continue to support me as i grow older...

24 November 2009

scars from little boys' boots, and padding for tiny boys' bums...the mechanical bull ride.

22 November 2009

"A veil of fog was draped over the sea.
Sky and sea were one. No dividing line between the two of them.

All was quiet. Even the waves..."

Pascale, describing a nearly deserted beach.

She is my week-end guest artist, and as with all my guests, there are no fences in her brain, only open road.
between the lines, and divided by four...
blueness and wind or water and calm...

by week-end guest artist: Pascale.
"Was it the feathers on the beach, or just me longing for spring..."

Pascale's beautiful photo of something beautiful she made, and the link to her tutorial.
Pascale's signature leather squares...click for tutorial.
follow this link to discover Pascale's photographs and tutorials.

"more and more of these show up in the metro here...More often though you'll find the advertising boards covered in blue, green or black paper. A sign there's a crisis in advertising..."

via week-end guest: Pascale, and her blog: between the lines

11 November 2009

veteran's day, november 11, 2009. the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month...also known as armistice day.

illustration courtesy of paolo rivera, Marvel artist (aka my kid). click here to go to this image, and here to see his current post.

maya lin, and the vietnam memorial, here.
glenna goodacre, and her sculpture of female soldiers, here.
american battle monuments commission, here.
vietnam veterans website, here.
navajo code talkers, here.

if only we could fight battles, virtually...

09 November 2009

twenty years ago today, there was a breach in the blocks.

the fortress changed from obstacle, to opportunity, with a simple command that was more powerful than a jackhammer: "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

beautiful day for a bird feast...

08 November 2009

i attended a funeral saturday, and friends and family gathered at the family home, after the service.

i wandered through the garden...

07 November 2009

i hate to name favorites, but i really like this one...

visit sophie munns, here.
"Sophie's art practice has continued to evolve and deepen over the past 2 decades through embracing significant changes and challenges with courage and enthusiasm, curiosity and perseverance.

Energy may flag at times and life can interfere with plans but for Sophie there is something perennially life-giving about continuing to produce artworks and explore ideas. That the unexpected can and does happen is a lesson well learnt...but perhaps the greater lesson is in finding the poetic, the transcendent in all that comes along."

Sophie's artist statement...
"Rather than name places, towns and villages passed through or stayed at, it seemed fitting to commemorate the roads travelled as it was the road trip itself that was so unique about this holiday. A camera was rarely used, several drawings done, but much of it was an experience committed to memory and the reading of each road's name serves as a remarkable prompt for those memories to come flooding back...The totality of the experience is there and the parts. It is my poem for the way through many places...

"These 2 works represent a meditative practice I found consolation in when reflecting on change over years-in particular the act of relocating and the resulting process of coming to terms with confrontation of the new, loss of the old, and skills needed to cross that bridge. I learnt that there wasn't a common household name for the phenomenon of significant upheaval through repeated dislocation/relocation, although sociologists and various professionals were naming it."

sophie munns
sophie's seed pod projects...

rarely do i see handwriting that so reflects the author's writing style...an open and generous multi-tasker.

visit sophie, here.

"Before you can blame an individual for their choices, you have to make sure they have the same choices as everyone else."

Bix , the fanatic cook.