31 October 2009

dias de los muertos begins tonight, at midnight .

the history of this religious celebration here, and the backstory of halloween, here.

gouache sketch by paolo rivera, 2006.

30 October 2009

colleen coover, one of a small but growing group of women in the industry.

oblivious to my eavesdropping...

mark schultz, (a legendary comic book artist), and mike jantze, a professor in SCAD's sequential art program.

many thanks to david duncan, who arranged this visit.
parts, there are so many parts...

sculpture, by paul hudson...
paul hudson, on the left...
a curious and energetic group...
old school illustration...
SCAD workshop...

29 October 2009

last week-end i met my son at SCAD, in savannah, georgia. one of the highlights of this trip was a late night tour of paul hudson's studio. hudson is a professor in the sequential art department at SCAD.

(i believe that's brian ralph, another faculty member, contemplating the bust)

friday, i will post images of the workshops, with links to the professional artists who participated (and taught).

a good time was had by all, and margaritas helped.

secret entrance to the ant farm, and don't rearrange the mound...
beneath our feet, civilizations flourish, and we are not alone...

28 October 2009

paolo, contemplating the source of water...

marvel motion comics, tonight in NYC. click for more information about the event, which includes costumes and contests.
and the ceilings...
i spent a lot of time looking at the sidewalks, in savannah...

27 October 2009

john lowe, head (super) hero, at SCAD's sequential art program.

click to visit their website.

"The field of sequential art encompasses graphic novels, comic books, comic strips, children's books and storyboards for animation and film. Sequential artists combine words and pictures to form entertaining and effective narratives."

make drawing from life, a daily practice...

professor S. Queleto, savannah college of art and design.
many year'd succulent, deliberately scarred with graffiti...

24 October 2009

braille-ing the whale, atlantic center for the arts, new smyrna beach...

23 October 2009

18 October 2009

Aerial View 3...

A solar plate etching, described by Claudia:

1. a drawing is made on a transparency.
2. the transparency is put over the solar plate and the plate is exposed to UV light. the light burns the image onto the plate.
3.the plate is washed off and hardened again in UV light.
4. the plate is inked, wiped and covered with a damp piece of paper, and run through the printing press. the press transfers the image from the plate to the paper.

Visit her studio here...

17 October 2009

Happy SaturDay:

"This is a solar plate print. The composition was inspired by an exploration of the way things look from an airplane window, flying over geometric patterns on the ground."

For an explanation of the process, visit:

16 October 2009

I love this image by Claudia Hershman:

Orange House

"This print is part of a series exploring urban architecture. The print is from a collagraph plate that I have used many times. Each time the image looks different, depending on how it is inked."

Visit her gallery, here.

filtered sunshine...

12 October 2009

Dream Keeper

Bring me all of your dreams,
You dreamer.
Bring me all your
Heart melodies
that I may wrap them
In a blue cloud-cloth
Away from the too-rough fingers
Of the world.

11 October 2009

it was a week-end of watching worshipers...
the leap from girlhood to adulthood, celebrated in many Latin cultures on a young woman's fifteenth birthday, is often observed with a solemn religious ceremony, gifts, attendants and tiaras...

quinceanera, the history here.

10 October 2009

On October 10th of last year, long before I had any blog followers, my mother (on the left) had a stroke. It was a fate she had long assumed inevitable, as both sisters had suffered fatal strokes. Hers would yield paralysis, confusion and frustration, but she would survive.

Aunt Tisha was young, only 32 when she died, and a healthy non-smoker. My mother received the news via telegram, delivered by my father, who raced from office to house to deliver the shocking words. We were in France, she died in Cleveland.

Aunt Dootsie died not long after turning 60, and had been warned that she had multiple aneurysms. She apparently sensed that this violent headache was the precursor to the "event", and sent her husband out for aspirin, so she could die without intervention. Gutsy.

My unresponsive mother was discovered by my brother on this date, one year ago, and she was rushed to the hospital. A lifelong smoker, she lost not only her ability to speak, but also the urge to smoke. Some speech returned, but she never again motioned for that pretty pack of slim cigarettes.

Life saving information here, stroke symptoms, and a wonderful survival story here: Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor.

09 October 2009

haikai no ku for a cold front

rambling list of chores
one foot grazes the cool floor

warm sheets call me back.

08 October 2009

"Where the Wild Things Are", in theaters everywhere October 16th, and on my bookshelf, forever.

Treat yourself to a preview by clicking here.

These characters haunt my hallway, and cast great shadows at night.

07 October 2009

"I hate bugs," confesses William Joyce. So why on earth has he written and illustrated a book called The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs?

As for the bugs, he explains, "I find them enchanting as fictional characters, but in the real world, doodlebugs and ants are about the only thing I care for, and perhaps an occasional moth or butterfly. But wasps, spiders, and all that stuff drive me crazy."

Alice Cary is a mother and writer in Groton, Massachussetts.

06 October 2009

04 October 2009

I miss the Southwest, especially in October.

"He did not paint green trees and lakes or the things we would consider pretty landscapes. What we find are intriguing empty landscapes that allow us to go into them and dwell mentally and think and ponder."

03 October 2009

the ocean has no sense of days, or years, or centuries...

"Before you can blame an individual for their choices, you have to make sure they have the same choices as everyone else."

Bix , the fanatic cook.