07 November 2009

"Rather than name places, towns and villages passed through or stayed at, it seemed fitting to commemorate the roads travelled as it was the road trip itself that was so unique about this holiday. A camera was rarely used, several drawings done, but much of it was an experience committed to memory and the reading of each road's name serves as a remarkable prompt for those memories to come flooding back...The totality of the experience is there and the parts. It is my poem for the way through many places...

"These 2 works represent a meditative practice I found consolation in when reflecting on change over years-in particular the act of relocating and the resulting process of coming to terms with confrontation of the new, loss of the old, and skills needed to cross that bridge. I learnt that there wasn't a common household name for the phenomenon of significant upheaval through repeated dislocation/relocation, although sociologists and various professionals were naming it."

sophie munns


Sophie Munns said...

What a privilege to have someone from half a world away choose to present one's work and share it with others. This is a lovely surprise tonight Virginia Thank you for the kind words and thoughtful responses!

I have visited often to see what images you have in store...always that unexpected take on things....never the cliche image! Someone who can wake our eyes up to notice more.

I think you have even given me something unexpected to notice about my own work. Thansk for the fresh take on it.

In case anyone cant open the first 3 links from the top they may have to check that the blog entry is correct. The bottom 2 opened fine Virginia...

sophiemunns.blogspot.com - the 's' is on the end of munns is often left off as possibly Munn is the more commonly known name!

virginia said...

my pleasure, and the internet is wonderful for creating connections.

the link issues have been resolved, and apparently i had only checked the last two links!

cell phones and internet...so, when will i be able to finally "beam" up?

words, wine, coffee, art said...

Recognised all those highway names! and in following up 'Sophie' discovered a wonderful blog and artist.
Thanks, Virginia.

virginia said...

you are welcome, and this shows that the world is small, when there are highways that connect us!

"Before you can blame an individual for their choices, you have to make sure they have the same choices as everyone else."

Bix , the fanatic cook.