18 July 2009

in a flamenca mood...postcard from andorre, in the pyrenees (1964).


kaye said...

my husband spent 2 years in Spain. He has a number of albums of classsical guitar and flamenca. He also brought a classical guitar home with him that he plays quite well.

Bix said...

What's the difference between flamenco and flamenca?

virginia said...

i believe flamenco is the english word for flamenca. i don't speak spanish, but in one reference, guitarra flamenca was the translation for flamenco guitar.

in any performance i've attended, the program title includes the word "flamenca".

Tab Calhoun said...

I have good friends who are flamenco dancers. It's a great dance to watch (and I imagine to perform). I'm smiling looking at this old postcard.

virginia said...

a former teacher sent me this postcard, and i found her after many, many years "lost". she lives in france, and taught in a one room village school, where i was a student.

i fell in love with flamenca when i was five, and i've managed to see both maria benitez, and noche flamenca.

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