16 July 2009

The Evening Independent July 16, 1969

CAPE KENNEDY (AP)-Reaching for a dream, America's Apollo 11 astronauts hurtled across the vastness of space today on a voyage of the ages, an attempt to land two men on the moon.

Civilian commander Neil A. Armstrong, 38, Air Force Col. Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. and Air Force Lt. Col. Michael Collins broke away from the embrace of earth's gravity at 12:26 pm EDT as a jarring rocket blast shot them out of orbit and sent them winging toward the moon two and a half hours after launch from Cape Kennedy.

The spacecraft had reached 193 miles in altitude at the end of the five-minute, 47-second burn.

The power to boost them outward came from the third stage of the Saturn 5 rocket which had lifted them with a roar heard round the world.

For two and one-half hours, the astronauts had orbited the globe checking the spaceship's millions of parts before committing themselves to the quarter million mile journey to the moon.

They reported Apollo 11 was perfect and the mission control center in Houston flashed the go-ahead to take the critical step that started them toward the moon, the alluring first goal of man's boldest step into space.

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kaye said...

nice reminder of glory days gone by.

virginia said...

this week, i could see at the white smoke "tail feathers" from my window, and then i waited for the sound waves to rattle my windows.

so many thoughts, and then it's back to work...

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