06 January 2009

quiet memories of tiny feet...now size 10, ensconced firmly in brooklyn.


Jeff said...

Great colors . . . nice shapes . . . nice shot!

virginia said...

thanks, it was without forethought. many years have passed since those feet were photographed, and framed.

Shasha said...

hehe, I recognize that pic! There's a copy on A's fridge :)

I went back through P's old postings to look at his baby pic. I can't believe how much hair (and eyebrows) he had as a young baby. I think he has M-Em beat (who doesn't have eyebrows yet)

Was P born w/ his superhero muscles? :)

virginia said...

yes, one of my favorite photos. i'm still looking for the very first to scan/send to A.

muscles, wavy hair and eyebrows appeared many years later.

words, wine, coffee, art said...

Nostalgia is a powerful tug, isn't it? We should all indulge sometimes.

virginia said...

yes, i tend to indulge in nostalgia biscuits after the holidays...ninja turtles were noisy, but fun noisy.

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Bix , the fanatic cook.