11 January 2009

night life of the invisibles...


Jeff said...

I like all three, but there's a special place in my heart for the stuff of communications. Especially antennas.

Sick, I know.

virginia said...

not sick.

the VLA is an impressive site, west of I-25, in new mexico: http://www.vla.nrao.edu/

Jeff said...

I dimly remember the general area (west of Socorro) only because I once hitchhiked through Socorro, circa 1973. After standing (literally) in the middle of the northbound lanes of I-25 for a very long time and noting the utter lack of traffic, I wound up spending the night in a motel there. My luck was much better the following morning.

Thanks for the link. Impressive it is!

virginia said...

that is funny...i drove I-25 when it was a desolate two-lane highway, probably around that time. many times since...family.

"jornada del muerte" desert basin... also famous for its association with trinity site, july 16, 1945.

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