02 December 2008

silk slashing...


Tab Calhoun said...

This is similiar to your blog header. Is that a silk slashing, too? Are you the slasher of the silk?

virginia said...

this is the original photo of the slashed silk.

the header was the same photo...inverted, manipulated and cropped in photoshop.

i am the slasher of silk, and a major manipulator of fabric...more on my flickr link, and in previous months' posts.

Tab Calhoun said...

Thanks for the answer, slasher/manipulator.

Willa said...

This is really beautiful. I use a lot of silk in crazyquilting. Many crazyquilters manipulate and create fabrics. This is right up my alley.

virginia said...

at some point i will post a tutorial on printing silk.

the slashing involves stabilizing the silk, sharp blades and a vague plan.

like seashells and fingerprints, the variations are infinite.

i love fabric...it's genetic...some links in my burlap-chiffon-fishnet category.

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