31 December 2008

"where I live, the earth is sore, and people are suffering. battles  are fought, over and over again. people say it has always been this  way and will never change. can it change, Old Turtle? can we make it  change?"

 OLD TURTLE and the BROKEN TRUTH...a story for children by douglas  wood...beautifully illustrated by jon j. muth.

30 December 2008

year end shadows...
shadow: shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface.
leadership changes and fortunes are lost, but winter continues its yearly march...disregarding all fiscal forecasts.

24 December 2008

enjoy a quiet night in an uneasy world...if you've ever been without power, food, shelter, money or potable water, you know how fortunate most of us are to open the front door to holiday lights.

thank you for visiting this year...

18 December 2008

16 December 2008

15 December 2008

13 December 2008

08 December 2008

07 December 2008

it's been one week since i came home to discover that color informal was named blog of note. thank you blogger, and welcome new visitors. 

this was my daily walk for one school year, in france. nice for daydreaming, with wild violets surfacing in the spring.

"Before you can blame an individual for their choices, you have to make sure they have the same choices as everyone else."

Bix , the fanatic cook.